wedding planners ideasAlthough a themed wedding might not appeal to every couple, it will allow you to have a more focused approach to arranging your wedding reception decorations. By setting all the wedding elements — for example centerpieces, favors, flowers, and the overall reception aesthetic — you will make the planning simpler for yourself, impress your guests and save valuable time.

The most complex part will be selecting the theme. You have to ensure that the theme reflects your ceremony, ie., elegant or edgy or futuristic. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Make a “look” for the reception table

Consider the linen, the flowers and the lighting, in that order. Consider of the linen like a backdrop; it should be beautiful and first-use. Lighting creates ambience, color and drama. It makes a sense of deepness in the room. Make use of lighting to pin-spot the flowers; but if you are not pin-spotting, your further option is to use countless candles.

Add a Water Feature

A pleasant addition to the entry of your reception may be a water fountain. It might even be a petite one which you contain in your home that stands on the table. The sound of the water fountain is so stimulating, and it would be pleasant for your guests to listen in to as they are able to finally lighten up at the reception.


Tableware is the concept that comes next. Consider the tableware like accessories to the look, while you may accent the dress with ornaments to make a more individual statement. There are numerous nice objects you can do with chargers or etched glasses or tinted water glasses—all of these elements add visual interest and layers to the table and the total environment.

Decor considering season

It is suggested that brides should away from using deep reds and purples in summer and would not make use of flowering twigs in the fall. They may try to use seasonal, local blooms, not only since they are beautiful, but also these are cost-effective.

Add Candles

There is not anything more romantic than a not bright room lit only by the flame of hundreds of candles. And fortunately, candles are cheap.

Have Fun with Flowers

Brides are very cost- aware these days, but do not miss flowers! You do not must do giant centerpieces; as a substitute, put tall centerpieces on one-third of tables and on the rest utilize pillar candles with little satellite planning with the similar type of flowers. In this method you make visual interest— that exceptional wow factor while guests walk into a room.

Use Feathers

Feathers are the big trend in wedding decoration. Purchase them in mass from a craft store and make large feather garlands to hang up on the walls or insert them to centerpieces of flowers designed for a stylish (and cheap) look.